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5 Reasons-Why You Should Be Using Cotton Bags ?

Cotton bags are becoming popular and setting a fashion trend across worldwide. Cotton Bags adds a style quotient to your appearance and helps you to rock as an elegant chic!

The reasons for such popularity are due to its sustainability, availability and eco-friendliness. Other contributing factors are its versatility and affordability. Appealing goodness of cotton is its softness and its aestheticism. Well, nowadays, cotton bags not only create a style statement but also creates awareness about green living. Manufacturers have started producing cotton bags in different designs, with different colors and size variations.

Now, Let’s see why cotton bags are so popular today and will be trending in future…

Creativity Meets Utility !

We need to carry more, even when we step out into our neighbourhood. Sometimes we shop while walking or driving on the roads! We might need separate baggage to store vegetables and fruits, You can reflect your style while shopping too! One cotton canvas bag may fit perfect to all those needs. We have to carry a lot of books, laptops, tablets and lunch boxes while going to the office or school. Moms, of course, need a big size bag to carry baby clothes, diapers, blankets and other essentials.

Daily Home Essentials brand has created a stunning Tote Bag and Produce Bags in varying sizes and in vibrant design patterns with drawstrings. Tote Bags can fit in upto 20Kgs,can hold heavy things like laptops, books and other office/school supplies and Produce bags is your best shopping partner-to stock up veggies, fruits, rice, pulses, etc.

Take a look, order one and gift yourself today…

Stays With You Forever !

Quality Products ,Quality Life -These bags are produced with pure cotton, which makes it durable and long lasting for many years. You can use these bags year after year. Cotton bags are very easy to maintain and you can wash the bag to use it again. These bags are light in weight, you can carry around easily and fits in the corners of your travel baggage.

Beautiful Cotton Backpack Bags designed for comfort. It will be hard to hold the bag in our hands after a while, so here is a super easy solution! Buy a Backpack, make your travel hassle free. You can wear these bags for all occasions , it is tailored to look best for all attires and needs.

Pay Less,Buy More !

Be Wise, Spend Wise. Cotton bags are worth spending money. Cotton is the most economical fabric produced across the globe. It is easily available all over the year, which makes it easy for manufacturers to produce the best bags at best prices.

At Samy’s Emart cotton bags like Produce bags, Laundry Bags, tote bags, backpacks, Pencil pouches are sold in super value – combos and at unbelievable prices. Shop all the bags you want at affordable price ranges and with amazing flash discounts all around the year.

Go Green !

Cotton is biodegradable and recyclable! It is also a renewable resource, can be easily produced in any part of the world and does not affect soil’s fertility. We know Plastic has become a huge threat for our healthy environment, it poisons everything we eat and other living creatures are vastly affected. Leather, also involves animal cruelty. Cotton is safe for all of us. To Save Earth and living creatures, it is time that we move to cotton bags from other threatening fabrics.

Bags sold at Samy’s Emart are made of premium cotton material with eco-friendly natural finish! Buy a cotton bag and join hands in preventing the needless destruction of nine million trees every year using two fewer brown bags per week. Yes, your small efforts can make a difference.

Rinse,Soak and Its Brand New Now !

Yeah! We heard you! Even buying luxurious bags is easy when compared to maintaining it. Worry not, cotton bags just need a spoon of detergent or a tiny bar, few cups of water to stay shiny and new forever. You also need not worry about degradation of colour and texture, cotton bags usually sustains the softness for a long time.

Daily Home Essentials also produces Laundry bags in cotton, You can dump in all your used clothes in them. Now even your washing becomes eco friendly with these bags. These laundry bags can hold more clothes than you can imagine. You can also buy these bags to store things in your kitchen, store room and pile up books.

Stand out from  the crowd with Daily Home Essentials cotton bags. At Samy’s Emart you can shop at amazing discounts and offers all around the year. One more good news, You can pay only for the products.. we take care of shipping for you! Shipping is free all over India and there is no minimum order value, You will get additional discounts on your first order. What are you waiting for! Go & Grab your favourite Bag.
Stand out from the crowd with Daily Home Essentials cotton Bags. At Samy’s Emart you can shop at amazing discounts and offers all around the year. One more good news, you can pay only for the products

Be Stylish, Look Stylish with Samy’s Emart !

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