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Cotton Tote Bags Are Earth Safe & Fashion -Safe!

Make an Eco Friendly Style Statement. One of the simplest steps towards a pollution-free lifestyle is cotton bags. While their usage  will have a good impact on the environment, the fact that we can reuse them and that they are biodegradable makes them a much better option in directing us towards our goal for a pollution-free environment and will save our money on buying bags over again and again. 

Try Using A Cotton Tote Bags For A Good Change.

Cotton Saves Lives, Saves Money And Saves Environment!

Cotton Is Durable And Ecofriendly!

Cotton tote bags are reusable and that by itself makes them a more feasible option than single-use plastic bags. Wash and dry!! makes them a more hygienic, eco friendly option thereby contributing directly towards a healthy lifestyle and ecosystem.

Cotton is Skin Friendly!

Cotton, breathes and absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and lowering the risk  of infection causing yeast formation. Cotton breathes, keeping you cooler during even the hottest days in the summer.

Cotton Adopts To Seasons!

Cotton is an all weather textile-It will keep you cool and hot during summer and winter seasons.

Easy To Care!

Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics, so let your washing machine do your dirty work and enjoy the money you’ll save on dry cleaning.

Let’s take a look at the mesmerizing tote bags we own at Samy’s emart…

Pick Your Style!

Tote Bags To Match All Your Attires!

Black, never goes out of style. Made of durable, high quality cotton with a herringbone weave construction, these specially designed Shopping bag set add an elegant touch and make them last long for everyday use. Being heavily durable, perfectly sized & stylish makes it ideal for daily life usage.

Tote Bags With Elegant Prints, You Will Cherish to Forever !

These Naturally dyed Tote bags are produced with premium cotton canvas material designed to carry essentials upto 20kgs easily. These cute canvas bags come with an inner pocket & are made from 100% cotton, and an impeccable replacement for plastic-free storage.

Why To Buy One From Us?

Designed To Comfort

Bags are weaved with premium cotton, which makes it durable, long lasting and environment friendly to use. You can use these stylish bags without harming the environment.

Utilize the Versatility

It is the best to use as a daily baggage. You can carry laptops, books, groceries and other heavy supplies in this one bag. Mothers can store all baby products. It can also be used as an office bag, school bag, college bag, gym bag ,beach bag and as everyday bag.

One bag to carry all your stuff

These tote bags are eco friendly and light in weight, which makes it travel friendly. It comes handy, It can be folded and kept inside your travel bag needed.

Buy Cotton Tote Bags, It’s Summer Time Chill Out With These Cute Bags!

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