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Everything to know about kitchen towels !

Is there anyone around the world ,hates eating delicious food?

Many of us love cooking too…Every house may or may have multi rooms but is there a home without a kitchen ? Is there any kitchen without cooking stains or handling hot pans ?

Everybody needs some cloth or oven mitt or pot holder either to clean or But many of us didn’t give a thought on what product should be bought or which is the right material to be used for cleaning or covering our eatables or the  kitchen table..

Here are some visionary notaries on “How to choose your kitchen cloth”….

Take a Look at the Material :

First and foremost, you should learn about the fabric’s quality and manufacturing process of the cloth.. These Kitchen towels should be made of  good cotton fabric and it should be soft for use. If the colour chemicals are harsh, It may imprint on tables or on kitchen spaces…it may harm our health and the texture is equally important, which should help the cloth to move free and shouldn’t stick on the places while cleaning.

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It should Last Longer:

We can’t spend dollars on kitchen utensils frequently. Definitely the product should withstand for a reasonable amount of time and it should be money worthy. You also can’t sit and soak your cloth for an hour. So it should be easily washable and be able to dry within a shorter span of time.

Ensure it is made of long lasting material. Daily Essential Home towels are made of premium blended cotton with a sturdy stitching .

Let's take a look at different kind of kitchen towels :

Chef Towels : These towels look plain, long pieces of cloth and often tied around Chef’s apron and it acts as a multi-purpose cloth, which the chef can use right away at any moment .

Dish Towels : These towels come with darker shades and in white fabric, which is of medium length. It is used to clean dishes and wipe off water after washing them.

Tea Towels :These towels are generally made of linen clothing and are placed over muffins or cookies before serving and also used to dry ta pots and cutlery. Generally they weigh less and they will be in a soft texture.

How to take care of these clothes :

Use Cold or normal water to wash cotton clothes. Avoid washing them in hot or even in warm water.

Soak the clothing in the mild detergent, then twirl the clothes around the water, and rinse after five to ten minutes and hang to dry.

 Do not use strong detergent powders or liquids or soaps. Use moderate products If you can, even use shampoo for washing cotton fabric clothing.

Use a scoop of white vinegar in the washing machine, which will keep cotton clothes from fading and sustains brightness.

Stretch the clothes flat to dry, or hang on a line. Best not to hang clothes in direct sunlight and avoid using a blow dryer.

The kitchen towels are commonly tailored with either cotton or in linen fabric,because they are eco friendly in nature , absorb and hold the dust or liquid well.

Everyone cooks differently,of course their cooking needs are different in nature..So pick the right cloth for your kitchen.

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