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Go Green For Better Tomorrow ! Eco-Friendly Bags- Buy Now, To Save Planet Earth!

Shopping or Grocery bags are one of the key everyday requirements in every household. Grocery shopping is inevitable in every house. It is extremely functional and beneficial. Approximately twice every week, we step out of the house to buy groceries. Hence, the necessity of this bag is indisputable.  

Good quality sturdy grocery shopping bags should be highly usable. They must be durable and long-lasting. But the main question which arises in the mind of many is – whether to use plastic bags or eco-friendly, reusable bags.  

We all have a reserved corner in the house, tucked away with plastic bags, mostly unused. Yes, they come in handy, but we often hesitate to throw them away immediately. What we fail to realize is that creating this abundance heap of plastic bags in the household is causing more harm than good. 

Apart from being inconvenient to use, they also cause serious harm to the environment in different ways. This is why it is inevitable to switch to eco-friendly, reusable ,grocery shopping bags.  

Plastics give a helpful hand, but they are polluting our land! So, Government and NGO’s  are encouraged to carry reusable cotton shopping bags from home instead of availing the plastic bag from a shopkeeper. Although they might cost a little more than the usual plastic bags, These bags can be used more than once.You can save money & resources.

Current data shows that there has been almost an 80% reduction in the usage of plastic bags across the world. Retailers and shoppers are both preferring to invest in environmental-friendly reusable bags, even for grocery shopping. 

Go Green ,For Better Tomorrow.So, the next time, if any shopkeeper gives you plastic bag packaging for your groceries, it is high time that you say ‘NO.’ Below, we have elaborated several advantages and benefits of using reusable cotton bags and not plastic ones.

1. Durable & Affordable !

Eco friendly bags are easy to use,easy to carry and you can use many times.Its major purpose is to travel friendly and without any tear. 

Reusable cotton bags are much strong and steady to carry heavy grocery items. Even if the bag gets caught anywhere, it will not rip immediately. Cotton reusable shopping bags have ergonomic handles so that you can carry them without any discomfort. 

They are bigger in size than the usual plastic bags, which also make them quite spacious. They also take up less space inside the house. Printed and colorful shopping bags also make for an extraordinary styling statement.

2. Think Smart!

Plastic bags are easy to use but it  is hazardous as it leaves behind a strong environmental carbon footprint. Plastic bags are generally manufactured from millions of gallons of oil, which is not safe for health and environment.

Additionally, it is also causing unnecessary exploitation of our natural resources. Being a severe environmental hazard, it is the major cause of pollution. These bags easily choke the drains or any other open outlets, which causes human-induced flooding.

3. Save Money!

Do you know we spend more on one time bag everyday? Plastic bag usage indeed provides retailers and shopkeepers with an unfair advantage in every geographic area.  Customers find them lightweight to use and easy to dispose of, wherever and whenever possible. 

Studies also reveal that theft of shopping bags is high, in-comparison to carrying material or groceries inside a plastic bag. The tax for plastic bags is also very high, for both customers and shopkeepers. This makes purchasing reusable paper or cloth bags more appealing.

4. Go Green !

Many factors come under this topic. Using plastic bags cause severe degradation in the environment. Being lightweight, they fly away easily with the wind, choking up the landfills and even drowns in water bodies, oceans, and more. 

A colossal amount of plastic bag pollution is generated daily, affecting marine lives who eat these bags, choke on them, and die. Almost 10,000 marine life death every month is caused due to plastic bags. 

Sea animals also get caught and tangled on these bags, due to which they cannot float on the surface to breathe and eventually die. A large accumulation of plastic bags contributes to heaps of garbage and when/if burnt emits harmful greenhouse gases. 

It is harmful to inhale the gas from burnt plastics since it impacts human health. Plastics bags are also non-disposable and non-recyclable. Consequently, they mostly end up drifting in places like water bodies.

5. Earth is not only for us!

Innocent animals,birds and fishes choke on  plastic and carrier bags and die. Wildlife studies reveal that most animal deaths happen because of plastic bags and plastic burning. These bags get stuck in trees, leaving more scopes for hurting wildlife death, and damage.

Buy Best Bags At Best Prices!

You can use the reusable grocery and shopping bags available at Samy’s E-Mart. They are designed from 100% natural cotton material with a natural finish. The material/fabric is canvas, with a raw finish. It is a great alternative to plastic bags, and in this way, you save the harmful destruction of thousands of trees.  

These cotton canvas bags are durable and strong, made sturdy with double stitching, especially on the corners. The handle is also strong that makes it convenient to carry heavy grocery items. 

They are heavy-duty bags that do not snag from wear and tear and can withstand heavy loads. They are perfect in size, can fold easily, and the long fabric handles make them easy to carry.  

You can get these bags customized according to your preference. They are suited for multiple utility purposes like traveling, shopping, carrying craft material, doing daily errands, carrying gym and workout gear, and going for long travels. You can also give them to close friends and relatives on special occasions.

Hence, with the fabrication of these eco-friendly and reusable cotton canvas grocery shopping bags, your shopping experience will undoubtedly be more comfortable and simplified. You can also store grocery items in these bags without any worry of spoilage. Wash these bags gently without using any harsh chemical bleach.

Buy smart! Buy and Save Money, Save Mother Earth!

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